It has been 7 days since the last 0-day

So earlier last week in the threat intelligence community, there was a MS Word 0-day vulnerability that was pushing out the Dridex banking trojan. My social media life (Twitter) revolved around this junk ALL DAY LONG. The funny part? I didn’t see it, play with it, or cared about not seeing it or playing with it. Instead I got to see and play with the other Dridex that was floating around, which was being delivered by a seemingly harmless PDF that has a link that downloads a NON-0-day MS Word document which then gives me Dridex. Very riveting, I know. I can understand how interesting and even potentially devastating it would have been to fall victim to the 0-day, but this is just another attempt at using a variety of delivery tools to deliver malware. The whole time I was reminding of the scene from Mean Girls where Gretchen gives her speech on why “we should totally just stab Caesar”. Iconic.


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