Welcome to my blog!

So as you may have gathered, this blog revolves around two vastly different subjects: crimeware (malware) and cosmetics. I had the idea to create a blog incorporating malware and makeup when I was helping teach a malware analysis course at my alma mater, but was too lazy to make the move. This was about a year ago. Fast-forward to earlier this week after some motivation (and a couple of glasses of sauvignon blanc), here I am!

I am by no means a hacker–I just really enjoy the world of threat intelligence. For those of you who aren’t aware of “threat intelligence”, I bet it sounds cool and makes you think of spies like James Bond or top secret information not meant for lowly peasants–it’s really not that entirely glamorous. I analyze malware and collect Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), which is essentially a list of bad places on the internet that the malware talks to. I can have fun with it at times, but most of the time I just really hate malware. For me, the glamour comes into play with makeup. I think of it as warpaint applied right before ripping apart a sample of malware.

Check: Strong brows, bold lips, and winged eyeliner sharp enough to pierce through armor (okay getting a little carried away here…)

The fact is, no matter how much I dislike malware, it’s still apart of my professional life and something that I would like to hold onto for as long as possible. Makeup is a way for me to express myself and give me the boost of confidence I need for excelling myself in a relatively new field as a young woman dealing with graduate school and corporate lifestyle.

Prepare for rants, raves, reviews, thought pieces, TONS of gifs, and maybe an analysis here or there! 🙂