Good Friday, indeed.

So it's Easter Weekend which means there was little to no malware on Friday. Why? Two reasons. First, on this year for the first time, the Eastern Orthodox Easter aligns with the Western Protestant Catholic Easter so almost everyone in the world who celebrates Easter will get to celebrate it this weekend, yay [NPR]! Second … Continue reading Good Friday, indeed.


The Holy Trinity of Banking Trojans – 2017 Edition

The Harry Potter universe has Harry, Ron, and Hermione and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the trinity of Chrises (Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt). Jeremy Renner (who once worked as a makeup artist) suggests women to focus on three things: brows, lashes, and lips. I categorized different families of malware in a similar fashion. I was thinking about this the … Continue reading The Holy Trinity of Banking Trojans – 2017 Edition


Welcome to my blog! So as you may have gathered, this blog revolves around two vastly different subjects: crimeware (malware) and cosmetics. I had the idea to create a blog incorporating malware and makeup when I was helping teach a malware analysis course at my alma mater, but was too lazy to make the move. This … Continue reading Jambo!